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Men's Vintage Clothing

70's Pendleton Western Shirt

Great colors!!! Pendleton mens western shirt with a few tiny moth holes and one bb sized hole on the sleeve. Marked mens size large. Great looking shirt. Armpit to Armpit 22" Sleeve...


Vintage Pendleton Board Shirt

70's through early 90's Pendleton board shirt. Great colors in very good condition. A few small moth holes on the collar and sleeve and a small 1/8 rip on the...


70's Embroidered Shirt

Excellent embroidered mens shirt. Tag is missing but this shirt is excellent quality...heavy SUPER soft fabric and very nice quality pearl snap buttons. Light yellowing at collar but not bad....


70's Wrangler Leisure Coat

1970's American made Wrangler polyester cotton shirt/coat. Excellent condition...looks unworn! Labeled mens size medium. 


70's Bowling Shirt

American made Hilton athletic bowling shirt with red and white piping, screen printed team name on the back and original patches including a 1977 state champion patch. In excellent condition...


1970's Levi Corduroy Jacket

Vintage tan corduroy jacket from the mid 1970's. Good condition with no rips or holes. Overall light but even fading. Front has light speckled staining at the bottom possibly ink?...


Woolrich Corduroy Shirt

Used men's Woolrich corduroy heavy shirt in great condition 100% cotton. Blue Grey color Size Mens Medium


Midwest Bridges Jacket

Vintage men's screenprinted baseball style jacket with a great graphic on the back. Overall very good conditon no rips or holes Men's size small


Campbells Repair Jacket 1990's

High quality american made baseball style jacket with embroidered lettering on the front and back. In excellent condition with no rips or holes. Liner and pockets intact. Looks unworn. Navy...


90's Leather Biker Vest

American made park v mens size 38 leather biker vest. This vest has amazing patina with fades, holes from ride pins and overall usage marks. The patches are original...