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Grooming Supplies

Beard Oil

The ingredients are all natural, with only beneficial properties. There are no fragrances; only natural essential oils. This helps prevent skin irritation.   This beard oil works hard on your beard and...

From $19.99

Beard Shampoo Bar

Why shampoo bar for your beard? Well the beard is special. It’s hair AND it’s attached to your face. Facial skin can be sensitive, more prone to acne breakouts, irritation,...


Beard Balm

Composed of organic and natural oils that care for hair and are light enough to be used on the face, including organic coconut and argan oil. It contains a bit...



Aloe vera and witch hazel work to close up pores after shaving and calm any nicks or irritations, to finish the job of morning grooming.   Cedarwood and eucalyptus essential oils, with...

From $11.99

Shave Soap

Scent: sandalwood, black pepper, black licorice – warm, spicy, manly Scent Strength: strong Therapeutic Essential Oil Benefits: relaxing, aphrodisiac, can help relieve anxiety, calming, antidepressant Key Benefits: Great scent for a fancy night....